Saturday, 9 April 2011

Welcome to Gertie & Mabel

Hello and welcome to our first ever blog. It's here where I'll be updating you with all the goings on at Gertie & Mabel HQ.

It's been a beautiful sunny day, perfect for getting out in the garden or taking a trip to the coast (if you're lucky enough to live near to one!!) and so my joy of the day has been sat at my laptop setting up this blog and attempting my first post......hmmm...yes it's true, I have no life! 

I wanted to show you a few new fabrics that have just arrived from Sweden, arrr lovely and scrummy ( a bit like the half eaten doughnut I currently have next to me).
We have added these to rest of our pretty collection on our website if you wanted to take a peek!

Well, that's it for now, short and sweet but I'll be back very soon with more bits n bobs. x


  1. Tilda fabrics are fantastic! You have a lovely choice in your shop. Hope you enjoyed the last half of your doughnut as much as the first! All the best with your blog - so far it's a feast. Lisanne xxx

  2. Hi Lisanne,

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I have a bit of a fabric fetish and could spend hours drooling over pretty cottons.....

    I think yummy doughnuts and a cuppa are essential when blogging (ha, ha).